Are You Ready To Achieve Consistent Success Without Sacrificing Your Health?


Learn step-by-step how to reprogram your thoughts & nervous system to unlock your potential in 90 days.



How would it feel to: 

  • End the constant loop of pressure?
  • Have the energy to go after BIGGER goals?
  • Feel successful AND deeply satisfied?
  • Gain clarity on your purpose?
  • Dissolve self-doubt and procrastination?
  • Have clear actions & support for 90 days?
  • Invest in yourself and your success?

This is possible, and I'll show you how.

The tools that worked for me,

have worked for my clients too...

What clients are saying...


I now have the power to choose my emotional state. This is life-changing.

Stefaan Vulysteke (Freelancer)


I feel so energised and clear after working with Tristan. Can't recommend enough!

Persia Lawson (Entrepreneur)


My energy and the quality of my sleep were both transformed after the first session!

Cristina Ruiz (Banker)

Your Soul is Screaming "YES",

But Your Mind and Body Are Telling You "NO".

If you're on this page, it means you're craving results. You're hungry for more, but the current way isn't working.

You're ready for MASSIVE success, but NOT at the expense of your physical and mental health.

If you’re feeling fatigued, flat, unmotivated, stressed, or depressed, these are symptoms. Not the cause. 

We’ve been taught that psychology is the magic key to unlock success.

If things aren't working, we must lack discipline or motivation.

That's simply not true.

Trying to solve everything with our conscious mind is like trying to grow a plant without watering the soil.

When the most successful people are interviewed, we hear about their morning routine, favourite books, and latest strategies.

But we don’t stop to think how biochemically different we all are.  Our ability to process food, manage stress, emotions, and thoughts are all different.

Many successful people actively work to hack their body’s biochemistry. Take Tony Robbins, he's worked with a breathwork coach for decades.

The reality is we all have different tolerance levels for stress, sadness, and brain fog.

The good news is, you've stumbled across a way to get more from your mind and body. 

The new healthier way of doing things...

Going after BIG goals is tough. And today, with social media we're bombarded with stories of other people's success, which leave us in comparison and self-doubt.

And if you're like most of my clients before they start working with me, then you probably feel flat, frustrated, and wondering how you can possibly do more, right?

Most people think to achieve more they have to do more, but the truth is we need to learn how to leverage our body's capabilities, NOT push it harder.

First of all...I used to be that person waking up at 5 am ticking off my to-do list before everyone else woke up.

Until I discovered the power of calming my conscious mind and using my subconscious and nervous system to fuel my goals, instead of them holding me back.

 Here is the tried & tested 3-Step Blueprint  to achieving your goals without feeling overwhelmed:

1. Emotions

Pleasant states (such as excitement) release hormones, which replenish energy. I'll teach you to choose your state.

2.Unconscious Thoughts

Our uconscious patterns created in childhood, play out into adulthood. By understanding & reprogramming them, we can live with ease.

3. Mindsets

We have mindsets about everything: money, relationships, our health. 

They affect our thoughts, motivation, and our physiology - I'll help you gain clarity on yours.

When you master these 3 elements, success and happiness flow with ease.
Are you ready to invest in yourself?

You Don't Need to Feel Like Sh*t

to Achieve Success

No one wakes up & decides to feel tired or stressed.

You're not choosing these feelings or patterns.

The pressure comes from the subconscious mind, which means you can't wave a magic wand to STOP these feelings.

BUT, I can teach you specific techniques to take charge of your energy, emotions, and nervous system.

Think of it like this: if you want your mind and body to perform like a Ferrari you can't treat them like a beat-up Ford Fiesta.


I'm going to give you the tools to STOP any of these:

X Feeling tired and flat

X Stuck and unmotivated

X Under pressure, without a route out

X Struggling to sleep on a night

X But lacking energy in the day

X Wanting more clarity on purpose

X Bingeing on external recognition 

90 Day Transformation Instalment Plan


x3 Monthly Instalments

  • x6 Fortnightly 121 sessions
  • (30mins coaching + 60mins breathwork)
  • 90-day plan
  • Accountability, coaching
  • Whatsapp support for Q's implementing actions between sessions 
  • PLUS: join today and get free access to guided breathwork techniques via my app (value: ÂŁ95)

90 Day Transformation Invest In Full


Single Instalment

  • x6 Fortnightly 121 sessions
  • (30mins coaching + 60mins breathwork)
  • 90-day plan
  • Accountabilty, coaching 
  • Whatsapp support for Q's implementing actions between sessions 
  • PLUS: join today and get free access to guided breathwork techniques via my app (value: ÂŁ95)

You'll Also Get Access To:

Lifetime access to guided techniques via my app to help you:

  • Increase Endurance
  • Sleep Deeper
  • Increase Day-to-Day Energy
  • Plus 10 bonus techniques

A note from me:

I know exactly how it feels to be under pressure and looking for more from life.

There is an easier way to go after your goals without sacrificing your health or happiness.

The secrets to success are taking the first step toward change and giving yourself permission to seek support. 

You’re not in this alone.


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