Hi, I'm Tristan

Founder of 4D Breathwork 

The first 12 years of my career had seen a steady upward trajectory. My effort and desire to learn kept pace with my big goals & ambitions.

Then everything changed shortly after a promotion to become Director of a multinational bank.

Pressure had been building for a while.

On top of work, I was also at Business School in the evenings, studying for my MBA.

I noticed I was struggling to switch off.

I couldn’t stop worrying about my to-do list.

Then one night it all got too much.

I lay on my bed completely exhausted, but still unable to sleep.

That's when it hit me.

I was experiencing pretty severe depression, exhaustion, and anxiety.

Stress had always been manageable.

But this time, it didn't matter how much exercise, healthy eating, or how hard I tried to simply push through.

I just couldn't shake the anxiousness and knot in my stomach.

Everything had become overwhelming.

At night I couldn’t sleep, but barely had the energy to stay awake during the day.

My go-to solutions for stress (exercise and travel) became too exhausting.

At its worst, I thought why bother with anything… including life itself.

Up to this point, my winning formulas were: positive thinking, focusing on goals, and a sh*t ton of effort.

But thinking my way out just wasn’t working.

I kept saying to myself “Why can’t I shift these feelings?" “Why can't I stay focused?” "Where did my motivation and energy go?” “And what the f*ck is wrong with me?”

I knew I was capable of more. But I felt like I was in free fall.

I went to the doctor. He suggested I take a break and medication. I realised doctors are trained to diagnose symptoms, not the underlying cause.

I needed to find my own solution.

I started looking outside the traditional ways of thinking and listened to countless podcasts.

I realised the problem wasn't all in my head.

I started to see the scientific links between energy, mood, emotions, nutrition, gut health, psychology, and the way we breathe.

I realised that there's more to success than simply hustling my way to my goals.

That the answer to achieving bigger goals didn’t lie in waking up earlier, working later, or pushing myself beyond breaking point.

That achieving my full potential was more than finding new ways to be more productive.

This was too simplistic.

It failed to take into account the bigger picture of what influences human emotion, behaviour, and performance.

And then I experienced a HUGE breakthrough when I listened to a podcast about breathwork.

That first technique gave me hope.

It was a practice that quickly shifted the energy in my body.

Transforming my racing thoughts and anxious energy, into clarity and calm.

My brain started to fire on all cylinders again, and with focus like never before.

I used this newfound energy and focus to fuel a 7-year journey into learning how to hack my mind, body and energy.

Techniques being used by athletes, CEO’s and forward-thinking neuroscientists, doctors, and psychologists.

This was more than personal development.

It was a journey into optimising and upgrading my performance.

I found completely different perspectives to come up with new answers to:

  • Discover my subconscious thought patterns, which were holding me back from my true potential,
  • Manage and utilise stress,
  • Hack my body for energy, clarity, and focus,
  • Improve my memory,
  • Sleep deeply,

I also found clarity on my purpose and identity...

I’d spent 15 years working in finance but had a nagging entrepreneurial itch I'd always wanted to scratch.

Then I found a breathing technique that allowed me to access a deep flow state.

This gave me new perspectives, and the idea for my first entrepreneurial venture - a fitness tech startup.

This high-growth, high-stress startup was the perfect laboratory to continue road-testing new techniques.

To continually refuel and reboot my body, brain, and nervous system.

Along the way, I realised I wasn’t alone in struggling to cope with ever increasing pressure.

That we all have a limit.

And that knowing how to strengthen and regulate the nervous system, manage daily energy levels, and allow the mind and body to operate at their peak.

Is NOT common knowledge.

This realisation is why I started 4D Breathwork.

To share life-changing techniques with people who want to realise the full potential of their mind and body.

To support their goals, without having to rely purely on hustle, motivation, and discipline.


Emotional Power 

Most people go through life allowing their emotions and feelings to dictate their energy and happiness.

However, it is possible to choose your emotional state.

I can teach you a science-backed technique to quickly change your feelings and emotional state to whatever you choose.

Many top athletes in the NBA, MLB, and PGA tour use a similar technique to 'get in the zone'.

With practice you can even learn to do the technique whilst you're in the middle of a meeting or conversation, without anyone else being aware of what you're doing.

Taking control of your emotions is extremely empowering.

It means you're not reliant on other people, experiences, substances, or external events for your energy and happiness.

Mental Mastery

I spent years trying different meditation practices in an attempt to get a break from my racing mind.

Most mindfulness practices left me feeling even more frustrated than when I started.

I was busy, I didn't have time to spend years training to be a monk in a Tibetan cave.

Then I discovered breathwork techniques that are like meditation for beginners.

I found techniques to switch my mind off when things got too much. To focus and concentrate on important tasks. And to give myself a boost when energy and motivation drop in the afternoon.

These techniques are simple and very effective. You know they're working because you feel the benefits immediately.

I want to save you from wasting years searching for the most effective techniques, so you can take control of your mind.

Health & Performance

Until fairly recently it was thought the main bodily functions operated independently from each other.

Research now shows that in order to optimise your health and performance, your body's complex physiological systems to be operating in coherence.

The way you breathe plays a key role in your body's most important physiological processes.

Including your immunity, heart rate, digestion, circulation, stress levels, endurance, strength, posture, sleep, and cognitive function.

Most people have never been taught how to breathe properly, and dysfunctional breathing creates imbalances that can lead to a range of health issues.

On the other hand, when you breathe correctly, you're able to optimise your health, as well as  your mental & physical performance. 

Access Flow States

Flow is that sweet spot where we feel energised, creative, and fully engaged in the moment.

When we're in flow magic happens:

Productivity skyrockets. Time seems to stretch, and we can get tasks done with turbocharged efficiency.

Insights. Flow states allow us to get our minds out of the way and make sense of all the information we’ve been taking in.

Bliss. Flow is the ultimate happiness booster! When we're in flow we get an intense sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Flow can happen when we’re completely focused on work that we love, or when doing hobbies or sports that take us out of our head. You can also access flow states on demand through breathing techniques. 


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